PADI Green Star

PADI Green Star Award confirmation, s5279 PADI_GreenStar_hdr

Congratulations on earning the PADI Green Star Award. On behalf of the PADI Retailer & Resort Associations, I would like to commend you for your commitment to conservation and the aquatic environment.

In recognition and appreciation of your conservation initiatives and effort to reduce the environmental footprint of your business, please find attached your PADI Green Star Award recognition elements including: the PADI Green Star Award logo, Award header to use within your email and e-newsletter communications and an easy version Award icon. Please display these recognition pieces prominently throughout your business and consumer communications to advertise and promote your commitment.

Your achievement helps confirm green initiatives as both environmentally and commercially viable and in turn helps to promote green initiatives among other organizations. We would like to congratulate Eco Dive for the outstanding performance in initiating green business practices; exhibiting conservational responsibility!

Once again, thank you for your support and your dedication to the environment.



Chris Ball
Consultant, PADI Retailer and Resort Associations